The 30 Day Challenge

It is a new year and a new challenge!  A 30 Day Challenge!

As I was pinning my life away on Pinterest, looking for ways to begin my school year- I am always changing my classroom- I stumbled across the idea for challenging students to a 30 Day Challenge.  It was inspired by Matt Cutts’s TED talk,, to challenge yourself and others to improving one’s self.

I decided this would be a great way for myself and my students to start out on the right foot.  Thus, I’ve assigned it to all my students.  The ideas are endless and some are even simple.  For instance, could you give a compliment to someone everyday for 30 days?  I could, but I probably don’t. Do you drink enough water? Raina, pictured above, is challenging herself to drink one gallon of water a day.  She researched a healthy amount of water and has set it as her goal for the next 30 days.

What seemingly easy challenges, and ones that have many benefits for you and for others?!

For me personally, I am going to spend 30 minutes a day doing something fun with my kids.  Seems silly, but we do the mundane everyday, and I don’t know if what we do is actually fun.  Will we enjoy each other more at the end of the 30 days??? The second challenge, because I’m naturally an overachiever, is to spend 30 minutes a day outside, whether that be walking, gardening, etc. I need the fresh air and sunshine.  It honestly affects my mood, and so I think it would be beneficial to see how much better I feel at the end of 30 days.

We will be documenting as we go.  Depending upon what you choose to do for 30 days, you may need to jot down times, distances, compliments and to whom, etc.  Keep it simple, use the calendar (August 22nd-September 30th makes 30 days) to document, keep a journal, etc.  The ideas and options are endless. Below is a screen shot of an app that Mr. Wurster is using to track his distance and time for his 30 Day Challenge.

Wurster stats

So, community members, parents, and guardians, are you up for the challenge?  Pipe in with a comment if you are willing to start today! We’ll be sharing progress, via this blog, as we tackle the next 30 days!

5 Thoughts

  1. I’m in….outside for 30 mins a day. Sounds like a plan and something that would be attainable for me to do. Who knows maybe it will make my day better!


  2. In an attempt to cheat fate I decided to challenge myself for 30 days to exercise for at least one hour per day and go without eating anything that has more than four ingredients and does not rot after a few days. After only a four days it is obvious that the biggest pitfall to my success is a student who will not be named. He has taken upon himself to deliver steak nachos, chocolate, etc. in an attempt to both amuse himself by my weakness and derail my efforts. Every good hero needs a good nemesis…to defeat.


  3. For my 30 day challenge I chose to do att least 30 minutes of homework/studying a day. So far, I have been successful. It’s really helping me to stay on top of my school work, and stay less stressed. So far so good!


  4. My 30 day challenge was to make 5 putts a day and so far my putts have either stayed steady or gotten better. And I have noticed it in my matches where I have a lot more 1 putts and less two putts.


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