Raising Competent Adults


A colleague of mine shared this blog link with me, and it is ringing so true.  I, as a parent, will be working on making my children competent adults. I’ll start with laundry this week, today in fact, as it is piling up. I have been patting myself on the back for only checking my son’s grades just before midterms, and by Traigh pulling them up in Skyward himself.  This has not always been the case for me as a parent, and to the teachers who’ve had my littles, I’m sorry.  I do feel like children need to make mistakes and learn from them.  So, please be hard on my children, as I will be hard on yours inside and outside of class with my expectations.  We are only making sure our community of kids are successful and competent later on in their lives, when it is of the upmost importance.

I believe in this shared blog’s post so much so, that I am contemplating handing copies of this post out to parents who come in for parent-teacher conferences and/or sharing it with parents who email me with questions regarding their student and his or her grades.  Just think, your junior or senior will be an adult here, very shortly.  They will be able to buy lottery tickets, parent (yikes…too soon?), and make right and wrong decisions that could (and I hope this would never happen) land them in prison.  Don’t you think it is time to stop enabling our children?  I’m in, are you???

Brace yourselves for the hard truth:



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