Student Haikus

College lit is my fave
Haikus are confusing
Refrigerator     ~Lexi

I hate being sick
Having the flu sucks badly
Hope I feel better     ~Andrew

Warm winds and pond days
Swimming splashing in the pond
No tan just sunburn     ~Brittney

Haiku’s are easy
Sometimes they do not make sense
Refrigerator     ~Rachel

I like to hunt deer
I have been to Canada
A 12 gauge shotgun     ~Rhett

I walk on the Beach
Seagulls hunt food below them
Sun shines nice and bright     ~Thomas

Worry does not help
tomorrow’s trouble. It takes
today’s energy.     ~Jack

i like to trap shoot
i like to go and play catch
i like to hunt deer     ~Jonathan

Green leaves shadows dance
As blue water lap brown sands
Summer on the lake     ~Ashley

The dog barks at night,
Lights come on and windows shut,
The sun shines on us     ~Carly

Traveling each state
Bus; adventure the unknown
Always exploring     ~Patrick

Laying in the cold
With a blanket to keep warm
Everything is well     ~Garrett

cats are beautiful
they are strong and soft creatures
cats are beautiful     ~Mariah

I love to play sports
football is the best sport ever
to bad we really suck     ~Nathan

I work at Wal-Mart
I like it but I hate it
Wish that I could quit     ~Nikki

School is annoying.
I just really want to go home.
I am so tired.     ~Kally

Sand scatters the beaches
Waves crash on the sand
Blue water shimmers     ~Kylie

Fishing the shallows hip deep in white clouds. (sic)     ~Trey



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