When I play baseball,

I hit as hard as I can.

I always run hard.

~Micah Knauer


Whitecaps on the bay,

A broken signboard banding [sic],

In the April wind

~Emma Brenner


Teacher yells a lot.

She gets mad at my classmates.

Classmates laugh galore.

~Kara Conklin


Upon the hillside

A generous lion roars

In spite of the wolf.

~Hunter Trueblood


Heating Summertime

A mighty, fish river waves

in spite of the boat.

~James Sullivan


Lives in a small town.

How and now, brown was the cow.

Broke through the ice. Drowned.

~James Cowell


Every single night,

The cow jumped over my fence

and ran from the dog.

~Alex Nesbit


When I go to school,

I sit in class quietly

’til the bell saves me.

~Tabria Thomas


The snow falls at dawn.

The trees are covered in snow.

Kids are in the snow.

~Mary Tracey


I look in your eyes,

I see many stars shining,

and I love you more.

~Isabella Motta


Pleasant, summertime

a spotted, hairy deer runs

at the perfect corn.

~Brady Haring


It’s time to hog hunt

Loading up the Heli-Chopper

Down goes more than one

~Drew Kloss


The summer is  very hot,

White sand under my feet,

I feel the water.

~Bailey Palmer


Dark frozen corn stalks,

beneath a darkened sky feel,

the rabbit’s warm blood.

~Connor Brown


Inclement coastline

A big, scaly frog ribbets

Watching the cricket

~Ben Francke


Stop pressuring me,

to be something that i’m not,

and you used to be.

~Megan Ludwig


In early evening,

I get hungry for dinner.

So I eat a lot.

~Maya Nicholas


At night, quietly

mice scamper across the floor,

then snap goes the trap.

~Reese Miller