2020 Senior Haikus

My cat is handsome

He is so cute, the cutest

I love his grey butt.


The ocean waves roar

My foot print is left behind

Until erased again


Crow sat unsettled

On the crooked branch he sits

Then he had fallen


Bushy tail coon

Stampeding through forest

How are you this loud?


I shoot a shotgun

I sit in the woods alone

I shoot big plump deer


The winter season

The snow is falling, fire roaring

What a cozy time


The sun is rising

A new day is upon us

Bluebirds are chirping


This assignment, dumb

How is this going to help

me in the future


Dead toad in a jar

Collecting cicada shells

Jeans covered in stains


Painting in the dark

In the warmth of my bedroom

My colorful mind


The bed is crooked

It is soft and fluffy

The bed is so dark


Mountain Dew is green

Whatchamacallits’s are brown

They are unhealthy


The Prodigal Son

Calling on his father

with the sun


The red burning sun

Laying on the horizon

Slowly disappears


The monkey is brown

He eats bananas and pears

He has one brother


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