2022 Senior Haikus with Mr. Dickerson

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

By Bethany D.

Life is difficult

and it’s not meant to be easy.

But trust the journey.

By Ben B

The bright spring morning

A beautiful sweet bird sings

Enjoying the tree

By Dominic G

Sunny afternoon

For a single, evil leaf crawls

out of a scorpion.

By Brian C.

Sunsets are tranquil.

It reaches the horizon.

From there, night begins.

By Kari C.

The Sun was shining.

It was bright in the blue sky.

The colorful Sun.

By Olivia L.

I want a pickle.

I am eating a pickle.

I ate a pickle.

By Erica D.

Time, a sprinting steed,

Rushes past, leaves you behind,

Don’t move without me.

By Keagan S.

Mrs. Fox freed us

From the oppressions of masks

And made me happy.

By Maggie G.

Taking a long nap

Is good for my health because

I fade away slowly.

By Makenzie P.

Where is time going?

Unless you care, it is near.

The future is done.

By Breyton F.

The room is silent

As I eat my waffles slow

Filling my stomach.

By Kali C.

I love Valentine’s Day.

There’s lots of red and pink hearts

Within cards and notes.

By Samantha H.

Flowers in the rain

Glistening through the water

How big they shall grow.

By Brad D.

Taking a long nap

Is good for my health because

I can skip English.

By Kaiden S.

In my pitch black room

An ominous stalker looms.

“Oh, it’s just a shirt.”

By Avri M.

Trees so big and tall

Grow far and wide across lands.

We climb till night falls.

By Travis S.

I want a burger.

I shall go get a burger.

I got a burger.

By Maggie C.

Nature is coming.

It has no bias or mood.

She is pure at heart.

By Emma B.

The yellow flower

Bright, beautiful, strong, lively

Flourished by the sun.

By Amber H.

Red flowers in rain

Washing away the summer heat.

Blossom happily now.

By Pagie N.

The big birds migrate.

Winter is slowly coming.

Winter’s white carpet.

By Caden A.

At the end of the

Day, I lay in my bed, and

Relieve all my stress.

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