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The Importance of Writing…Now!

At a time when impressionable young adults may not value the importance of writing.  This. This right here is why it IS important!

Writing Contests Available!

Attached are 2 writing contests that are available to students! 

The first one is a local one through Poopsie’s of Galena.


The second contest is on the state level through the office of Secretary or State, Jesse White.   at

Student Haikus

College lit is my fave
Haikus are confusing
Refrigerator     ~Lexi

I hate being sick
Having the flu sucks badly
Hope I feel better     ~Andrew

Warm winds and pond days
Swimming splashing in the pond
No tan just sunburn     ~Brittney

Haiku’s are easy
Sometimes they do not make sense
Refrigerator     ~Rachel

I like to hunt deer
I have been to Canada
A 12 gauge shotgun     ~Rhett

I walk on the Beach
Seagulls hunt food below them
Sun shines nice and bright     ~Thomas

Worry does not help
tomorrow’s trouble. It takes
today’s energy.     ~Jack

i like to trap shoot
i like to go and play catch
i like to hunt deer     ~Jonathan

Green leaves shadows dance
As blue water lap brown sands
Summer on the lake     ~Ashley

The dog barks at night,
Lights come on and windows shut,
The sun shines on us     ~Carly

Traveling each state
Bus; adventure the unknown
Always exploring     ~Patrick

Laying in the cold
With a blanket to keep warm
Everything is well     ~Garrett

cats are beautiful
they are strong and soft creatures
cats are beautiful     ~Mariah

I love to play sports
football is the best sport ever
to bad we really suck     ~Nathan

I work at Wal-Mart
I like it but I hate it
Wish that I could quit     ~Nikki

School is annoying.
I just really want to go home.
I am so tired.     ~Kally

Sand scatters the beaches
Waves crash on the sand
Blue water shimmers     ~Kylie

Fishing the shallows hip deep in white clouds. (sic)     ~Trey




What Students Really Need to Hear


classroom pic

This. This man’s words.  He says everything I cannot put into my own words; thus these are my words, too. Please read the attached “source” link.

Source: What Students Really Need to Hear

A list of my dream jobs:


  1. A poltergeist
    1. Being loud when people are trying to sleep and being creepy are my specialty.
  2. A banshee
    1. I’m very good at screaming.
  3. A horror movie sound effect
    1. I can also screech and make a creaky door noise.
  4. A potato goblin
    1. Living under a bridge and eating stolen potatoes sounds fun.
  5. A sound artist
    1. I’ve been told this is called a composer.
  6. Join the Ghost Adventures TV show
    1. Hunting ghosts is my idea of a good time, plus I have the introduction to the show memorized.

By: Line Kuzniar, student writer

Juniors are selling RR tumblers!


All juniors are selling River Ridge tumblers (and other collegiate tumblers) for $20 through October 18th. All profit earned goes into the individual accounts of the sellers.  This money can be used towards the class trip next year or towards cap and gown. If you are interested in one, I would be happy to send a junior your way. Just let me know!


***The selling point for me was that the image (not a paper image) was between the layers of plastic, thus it wouldn’t scratch off in the dishwasher.


3 things that feel like home



I asked my Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition students to list 3 things that felt like home.  Their lists are in the comments.  What are yours?

5 words that touch our souls:

5-words-that-touch-my-soul-picMy Highland Dual Credit American Literature students were asked to list 5 words that touch their souls.  Their answers are in the comments as follows.  What are yours?

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